Beautiful Home for Beautiful Jewellery

Joyia is about comfort and elegance.

We created Joyia for women who enjoy travel in style and store their favourite jewellery in elegant and efficient way.

Joyia is passionate about aesthetics and practicalities of its creations. The combination of handpicked materials and meticulous design has led to Joyia’s well-thought collection of jewellery organizers.

Joyia has raised the bar with its unique and very practical design solutions. The combination of high-quality fabrics, styles, and innovative designs makes Joyia an essential item for any woman who loves her jewellery. Storing and traveling with your favorite earrings and pendants has never been easier!

All Joyia’s products are designed with women in mind. Simple, yet versatile designs will make you fall in love with Joyia and make your life easier. 

Enjoy the essentials from Joyia and your life will never be the same again!

Watch Joyia's founder, Reena Singh, talk about her journey creating Joyia

Reena Singh

Founder of Joyia Essentials

My name is Reena, a passionate jewellery collector and a founder of Joyia essentials. One day I was sitting at home with my husband when he said: “You love jewellery so much, why don’t you start making it yourself?” – to what I replied: “There are so many people doing it already, but there is no one offering nice pockets to store it.” And this is how the idea of Joyia essentials was born.

Storing jewellery has always been a nightmare for me. I could never find the right pieces in my locker; chains and earrings are always tangled up with rings and pendants. 

I take off my jewellery as soon as I come home and then end up looking for it all over the house. I find it in odd places and always struggle to locate misplaced items. Traveling with jewellery isn’t easy either, I could never find travel bags to organize it and not lose things. 

That is why I created Joyia essentials: to help women organize and store their precious jewellery, whether at home or on a trip.